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Technology Department

Steve Mittendorf- Technology Coordinator
Office- (567)-940-1405
CommodoreWe are in our third year of the 1:1 initiative at Perry Local Schools. Currently all of our students in grades 9-12 have a Chromebook to use in class and at home during the school year. In 2019-2020 we will expand the program to include grades 7th and 8th. We hope to build upon the success of previous years and continue to integrate technology in our classrooms. This page will provide help, documentation and other important information about the program to Parents and Students. 
The goals of our 1:1 initiative are the following:
1. Produce students that have technology knowledge necessary to succeed in college and career readiness.
2. Produce students that are able to apply technology to practical situations using their creative and critical analysis.
3. Create a learning environment that better relates to today's learner in the following ways:
     *Level the playing field for all students
     *Provide a more personalized learning environment for every student
     *Enhance the desire and ability to uncover topics for a deeper understanding